Golden Pomfret 300-350g


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450 – 550g

Slightly different to its cousin, the Silver Pomfret. These are farmed and  size 300-350g one per pack.

The fish is highly prized in the Indo – Pacific region because of its taste.

Try our amazing Tandoori Fish recipe using Golden Pomfret.

Try serving with a dry Riesling white wine from Alsace.

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The Golden Pomfret is a great choice for dinner. It’s the perfect alternative to the Silver Pomfret and has amazing taste!

This fish, which can be found at our store in packs of one per pack, are farmed all over the Indo – Pacific region and have been enjoyed by people from that region since ancient times because it tastes so good.

These are farmed but have increased to larger than their alternative (Silver Pomfret). Each pack weighs between 450 and 550 grams. For your next dinner with friends or family, try a Tandoori Fish dish with Golden Pomfrets.

What Does Golden Pomfret Taste Like?

Golden pomfret is famous for its delicious and gentle taste. This fish has a subtle sweetness complemented by its soft texture when it comes to flavour. Golden pomfret has an excellent reputation as “a clean-tasting seafood.”

The meat from these fishes also melts in your mouth just like butter on toast, making them one delicacy worth indulging in now and then.

Responsibly-Sourced Golden Pomfret

Whether you’re cooking for one, two or the family, Golden Pomfret is a sustainable seafood option that’s quick and easy to cook.

Our Golden Pomfrets has been responsibly sourced and assessed for sustainability.

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