Salmon Steaks 1kg


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This salmon steak has a mild taste and is also very fresh. For those who haven’t had salmon before, this is the ultimate steak.

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The fish has no artificial colouring or preservatives, so it can be eaten raw or grilled. Additionally, you can have this piece of fish on no added fat since it is already lean. This salmon steak is perfect for those who like to eat healthily or those who have a regimen for weight loss. The serving of this Norwegian salmon offers a significant amount of protein and has just 3g of fat per 100g. It is an effective way to supply the body with oxygen-rich red blood. There is also a low level of sodium, which is ideal for a salt-restricted diet or for reducing the chance of high blood pressure. You can cook it in several ways, it is a portion of simple food, and it doesn’t take long to prep. Since the steak is vacuum-packed, it lasts a lot longer than fresh seafood that has been gutted and washed. We have a few kilos of these farmed Norwegian Salmon steaks, which are hand-cut and have perfect thick steaks with no tail ends.

What Does Salmon Taste Like?

The Norwegian salmon steak is low in salt and has a delicate, mild flavour. It’s perfect for those who like salmon without artificial taste, colour, or additives. The aroma is closer to that of fatty white fish rather than oily fish. The texture and consistency of these salmon steaks are consistent throughout.

Responsibly-Sourced Salmon

Norwegian salmon is highly sustainable because it is fresher when farmed in Norway, where wild salmon reaches Norwegian farms. The freshly caught salmon is gutted, washed, and chilled at sea before being vacuum-packed and shipped to our facility. The journey of this fish thus is shorter than any other farmed fish.

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