Smoked Salmon 1kg




The Scottish smoked salmon is of the highest standard, hand-sliced for you on the premises and finished in sea salt. The fish comes from exceptional producers in Scotland who have a heritage of producing the finest cured fresh fish of every kind.

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This is then netted and dried using traditional methods to produce a truly authentic product. Smoked salmon is an outstanding source of protein and unsaturated fats, especially omega-3 fatty acids, which are thought to help keep our hearts healthy by preventing blood clots. It also contains high levels of a type of unsaturated fat thought to be particularly good for brain health, DHA. Smoked salmon was once considered a delicacy, a luxury food commodity, due to its relatively high price.

But, smoked salmon is now a staple of store chillers and UK diners. There are products to fit most budgets and preferences, from frugal trimmings woven into scrambled eggs to variants blended with spices, beetroot, whiskey, and more. We are major fans of using generous slices of this dish when accompanied by a little dash of dijon mustard on a regular oatcake. It’s also a fantastic cooking product! Because of the intensely savoury taste that smoked salmon imparts, a little goes a long way. The 1kg pack of this farmed Scottish smoked salmon, sliced and ready to eat, makes an excellent starter for ten people.


Smoke-flavoured fillets of salmon are cured with the help of aromatic smoking hardwoods. They have a strong smoky taste and a fine texture.  Usually, salmon are either cold or hot smoked to give the meat a distinct flavour and texture.


Our responsibly harvested salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids and offers a substantial advantage in our daily lives. We do take a great deal to ensure that we adhere to our strict social and environmental requirements before any piece of salmon enters our facility.


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