Seabass Whole 700-1kg


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Sea bass is a delectable dish that is highly popular in British restaurants and kitchens. This is a whole seabass captured off the coast of Newhaven. They are gutted but not scaled and sold at a good price.

Availilability: In Stock

This big whole fish, which weighs 1.1 to 1.4 kg and fits into a medium to large-sized roasting pan, is oven-ready. It can be served and cooked in various ways and is ideal for persons of different ages. Many people like it when the whole sea bass is grilled to bring out its unique flavours. To bring out the real greatness of this fish, use stronger, sharper flavours like bacon or coriander. It goes well with sweet and sour ingredients, as well as salty and spicy ones. You can season it with Chinese spices or bake it in salt, which binds the fish and makes it succulent and juicy without being salty.

What Does Sea Bass Taste Like?

This delectable fish is among the top three favourites of most chefs. Great for fillets or whole roasted in the oven, with a meaty texture and true sea flavour. Chefs enjoy sea bass because it can be used in Asian-inspired dishes like Thai curries or Chinese seasoning sauces with garlic and herbs. It’s easy to cook and doesn’t dry out fast, so it can be prepared in many ways.

Responsibly-Sourced Sea Bass

Frozen Fish Direct’s specialist fishmongers prepare our sea bass, which is farmed in UK waters. We value ethical seafood procurement, which is why our seafood experts collaborate with ethically run fisheries and farms to maintain their high levels of efficiency, protection, and sustainability.

Frozen Sea Bass Recipe