Squid Tentacles 1kg


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Squid is popular in many cuisines, and calamari is a traditional word for English squid dishes. Squid can be prepared and cooked in a variety of ways.

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In the United Kingdom, it is often eaten as a pub starter, street food, or snack in its calamari or salt and pepper fried squid varieties. Squids have two tentacles and eight bodies. The arms are all varying lengths. We offer raw, tender squid tentacles that have been finely seasoned with authentic herbs and spices. They’re individually snap frozen quality squid that hasn’t had any MSG added to them.

What Do Squid Tentacles Taste Like?

Squid tentacles are firm and white, with a moderate, somewhat sweet flavour similar to walnuts. While these tentacles can be chewy, they should not be rubbery.

Responsibly-Sourced Squids

Frozen Fish Direct’s squids are responsibly caught. They are caught gently at sea, causing only minimal disturbance to their environment and the aquatic ecology. The squids are washed and vacuum-sealed before being put on ice to avoid any damage during shipment.

Frozen Squid Recipe