Mahi Mahi fillets 1kg


1 kg

The Mahi-Mahi fish fillet has bright pinkish meat, which has a light texture and excellent flavour. Its flesh is firm but is rich in protein and low in fat. Our Mahi Mahi Fillets are the perfect addition to your favourite seafood dish and can be cooked in several ways for different tastes.

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These Mahi-Mahi fillets are wild-caught, sustainably raised from the ocean in Vietnam. Each fish filet is between 6 and 7 ounces in size and comes packed in a resealable bag for freshness. Buy our Mahi-Mahi fresh fish online and you’ll discover that the taste is so remarkable, you will never want to go for any other type of fish. It’s naturally packed with omega 3 and is firm meat, easy to cook. Even frozen, this sustainable seafood product has the best flavour of any other fish on the market. Straight from Frozen Fish Direct to your table, these fresh Mahi Mahi fillets will surely impress your guests!


With its firm texture and mild to medium flavour, Mahi Mahi is a versatile fish. Perfect for broiling, sauteing, baking and deep-frying, enjoy it with a variety of sauces from savoury to spicy. Our premium fresh Mahi Mahi fish fillets are vacuum-sealed and flash frozen. Each mahi-mahi fillet is hand-trimmed, skinned and individually quick frozen to lock in the flavour.


At the heart of all Frozen Fish Direct products is our unrelenting focus on quality from sea to plate. We work hard to ensure that the healthy, sustainable seafood that we produce for our customers has a low impact on the marine habitat and its surrounding environment. These mahi-mahi fillets are frozen at sea, so they retain their freshness and are caught under strict sustainable fishing guidelines.


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