Tuna loins 1kg


Pacific Ocean


These tuna loins are a perfect choice for a wide range of recipes, Caught in the Pacific Ocean. The particular cut we sell comes from the tuna’s back and to the start of its tail, with each loin ranging in size from 170-230g ready for you to cook.

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These tuna loins have been processed in such a way as to keep them firm, textured and versatile in how they can be cooked and are delicious hot or cold. Packed full of refreshing, natural flavour, Tuna Loins are great for eating cold as an on-the-go snack or enjoyed hot in everything from stir-fries to pasta or sandwiches. Skinless and boneless, the loins are tasty served raw, perfect for sashimi or grilling, but are also delicious pan-fried or grilled. The process of freezing the tuna as soon after its caught is to prevent oxidation and ensure that all the flavour remains. And this means you can enjoy a great taste time after time. After catching our tuna from the Pacific in all weather conditions, the boats deliver their catch to us at peak quality.

What Does Tuna Taste Like?

These tuna loins are fresh and delicious, perfect for any recipe that needs a firm, meaty texture. This fish is perfect for creating pieces of tuna salad or adding to any recipe that calls for a meaty texture. They’re prepared with care by the monger you trust most, so start cooking up some delicious dishes. Tuna loins will never go out of fashion with their ability to be prepared using different recipes while still maintaining a firm texture.

Responsibly-Sourced Tuna

Sustainably Sourced Tuna Loins are a versatile cooking choice for everything from tacos to stir fry, and they can be prepared quickly on the stovetop or in the oven. Made from fresh fish loins, these tuna loins are sustainably caught with technology that extracts fish from safe waters, not over-fished areas. Since sustainability is important to our customers, we are pleased to offer a convenient tuna loin product that is guaranteed to have been caught using sustainable practices and processed in a facility that also practices sustainability.

Frozen Tuna Recipe