Skinless Cod Fillet 1kg


Atlantic Ocean


These are wild skinless cod fillets, with 4 to 5 fillets per kilo pack. Cod fillets captured deep in the Atlantic Ocean, filleted, and flash-frozen within three hours of capture.

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We only buy from Icelandic or Norwegian vessels where the cod is well-managed and not overfished so that you can eat with ease! Some varieties of cod, in particular, are highly valued as a portion of food because their white flesh flakes away when it is cooked. It’s a common food fish all over the world. It is a traditional food in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe. Cod fillets are a familiar sight on fish menus throughout the United Kingdom. Cod is often one of the main dishes at a typical Friday fish supper. This dish is often accompanied by scalloped potatoes or fish and chips. It is also found in a range of foodstuffs, including fish fingers and fish cakes.

What Does Cod Fillet Taste Like?

One of our most widely known and versatile fish is the skinless cod fillet. It’s a perfect pick for a variety of dishes because of its firm texture and savoury flavour. The high omega-3 oil content of a fish fillet adds to its wonderful flavour. The positive news is that these skinless cod fillets have a low-fat content by nature.

Responsibly-Sourced Cod Fillet

The cod we offer are from healthy, well-managed fisheries.

Frozen Cod Recipe