Hake Fillets 1kg


South African

6/8 oz, so approx 5 in a bag. Wild  These are caught, filleted and frozen on the boat within a few hours to maintain the maximum quality

Hake are deep-sea members of the Cod family, found on the continental shelf and slope to depths over 1,000m and are popular throughout Europe and America. Hake is quite a mild fish, having a more subtle flavour than Cod. The flesh is quite soft but firms up on cooking and is well worth trying. With healthy stocks, it is a great alternative to Cod.

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Hake is a deep-sea member of the Cod family and can be found on continental shelves to depths over 1,000m. Hake are popular in Europe and America due to their mild flavour (compared with other fish), which still has a robust taste that some might find too subtle for them. The flesh is quite soft but firms up well during cooking – it’s worth trying this flavorful alternative if you’re looking for something different than cod!

These healthy wild-caught whitefish have been filleted locally within hours after being taken from their natural habitat, so it’s easy for you to fry or bake with confidence!

6/8 oz, approximately 5 in a bag.

What Does Hake Taste Like?

Hake is a milder fish with a more delicate taste than cod. The flesh is tender but does not disintegrate as it is cooked. With balanced stocks, it is an excellent substitute for cod.
The flesh is light in colour, flaky, and firm. It tastes slightly nutty, with touches of dashi or soy sauce. It is perfect for an entree, snack, or a seafood main dish.

Responsibly-Sourced Hake

Our Hake Fillets are sourced from a commercial fishery dedicated to sustainable fishing activities and high-quality seafood.
They are caught using a variety of fishing gear, including longlines, trawls, seines and gillnets. We always make certain that all our seafood are sustainable on a global scale.

Frozen Hake Recipe