Skate Wing 1-1.1kg


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With a mildly sweet flavour, they’re perfect as a poached fish or sauteed in lots of butter plus herbs for a classic French recipe. Skate wings are a firm white fish from the skate family. Wild skate wings are excellent eaten hot or cold. They are best eaten if the skin and cartilage are removed after the ‘wings’ have been skinned to remove all bones. The flavour is often described as buttery or soft. Skate wings can be boiled, steamed, marinated in lemon juice or cooked in beer and onions. This is an exciting new dish to try out!

What Does Skate Taste Like?

Firm textured, mild in flavour and slightly sweet, skate is an elegant fish when cooked properly. The wings offer the most meat at a lower price than other sections of the skate. Just poach or saute lightly, then serve drizzled with butter.

Responsibly-Sourced Skate

Skate are “green” fishes from the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans. They grow slowly and are long-lived, and are largely free of toxins.