Nile Perch Fillet 350-500G



The Nile Perch lives in deep, slow-flowing waters of African lakes and rivers and it served in many street restaurants in the area. These come from farmed Nile Perch, 350-500g  fillet. The Nile Perch’s fillet has a creamy, medium firm, light pink in colour texture, similar to fish steak, with unmatched flavour: rich and complex with tones of citrus and tropical fruit, perfect for frying, grilling or poaching, pairs great with fresh zesty salad or grilled vegetables.

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This is a very high-fat fish, typically containing more than 30% of its weight in fats, however its saturated fat levels are very low. Because of its high content of good Omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamin D, this fish can be very beneficial to the heart and blood vessels health and the normal functioning of the brain

Nile Perch tastes incredible, but be careful not to overcook the fillet. Perfect for marinating in lemon juice, onion and garlic or try out our recipe for Nile Perch Fillets with Apple Acar. Paired with a bottle of white wine from Burgundy, these Nile Perch fillets will undoubtedly wow your family and guests!