Cod Fillet (Finest) skinless 950/1050gram



These Cod Fillets come from the finest Atlantic Cod. The raw flesh is almost translucent white and perfectly lean, when cooked, it has a white flaky sweet-tasting texture, that melts in the mouth. Our Cod is filleted and flash-frozen up to 2 hours after being caught in order to keep the freshness and all the flavours in. These are Wild Cod Fillets, they come skinless, 950-1050g in total. They are packed between blue plastic sheets in the master box, easy to remove after defrosting. From Norway

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Cod is rich in vitamins, especially B12, which is an important of health of the nervous system and blood cells. This fish is also a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids essential for brain function and keeping the unhealthy cholesterol level low. Cod also contains multiple minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, and selenium, all play a big part in keeping the muscles, bones and nervous system healthy.

Cod is present in the cultures of many countries. These Premium skin on Cod Fillets are very versatile they can be battered, pan-fried or baked. Why not try our recipe for Cod in Skillet, with garlic, lemon buttery sauce seasoned with paprika and top with fresh parsley. Serve with fresh bread that can be dipped in the sauce. Enjoy with a crisp dry white wine like a French Muscadet.