Coley Fillet 1kg



Coley is a fish that has been in the UK for centuries. It’s often known as saithe, and it can range from 500g to 6kg with pale blue-tinted skin. The flesh may be off-white but lightens during cooking due to its fine flavour!  There are approximately 2/3 fillets per kg

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Coley is caught, filleted, then frozen on board boats within hours of being caught, so they maintain their best quality possible when cooked.

Many people preferred Coley fillet because this cold-water fish doesn’t smell like other types do once out of fresh saltwater.

What Does Coley Fillet Taste Like?

Coley is the perfect alternative to more traditional cod and haddock because they are firm but tender, with large flakes easily separated. The flavour is clean and buttery; it’s an excellent choice for those who prefer a different taste without sacrificing quality!

Responsibly-Sourced Coley Fillet

This Coley comes from a fishery that has met the requirements identified by MSC. The standards of this fishery make it sustainable and managed under its guidelines, certifying you with being environmentally conscious for purchasing!

This Coley is 100% eco-friendly in every way possible because your purchase will be contributing to an ethical seafood market where sustainability matters most.

Frozen Coley Recipe