Mahogany Clams 500gram


500 gram

Mahogany clams are extremely popular and are harvested in the deep, cold waters off the coast of Maine. They are flavoured with a sweet brininess that makes them perfect for steaming, chowder, boiling or poaching. These fresh Mahogany Clams have a sweeter, weaker flavour than quahogs or littlenecks and are delicious sauteed with butter, garlic, parsley or chives.

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They make a great snack, exquisite or dipped in a chunky seafood sauce or a squeeze of lime juice. Great for steaming, grilling, baking or just about any other clam recipe. Or use them to make fish chowder or clam chowder for dinner tonight. Mahogany clams offer a full-flavoured, meaty taste that’s a real value for your money. With their beautiful mahogany-coloured shell, these wild-harvested clams are a tremendous addition to any menu. They are also low in cholesterol and saturated fat. Recent research has made the wonderful discovery that eating a diet rich in clam meats can help lower cholesterol levels. Be sure to have a supply of clams on hand for quick and easy seafood dinners. You’ll want to savour every bite of these delicious clams. Now available in larger 500-gram bags!

What Do Mahogany Clams Taste Like?

Whether you’re cooking up a feast or just getting ready to host a party, our mahogany clams have that full-flavoured, meaty taste you want. This premium product is a clam lover’s favourite. Delicately peeled and vacuum-packed, these clams are packed in juice.

Responsibly-Sourced Mahogany Clams

Mahogany Clams are a sustainable seafood species that are rapidly known for their uniquely sweet, briny flavour akin to albacore tuna. They are a good source of zinc, selenium, and moderate nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

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