Broiled Eel Fillet 160g Tray


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Japan’s native freshwater eel, Unagi, is typically served as a steamed or barbecued meal over rice. Brits in London prefer jelly eels, while Asians eat them raw or grilled. In many sushi restaurants, this dish is a favourite because the sweet and savoury sauce poured over the dense, fatty eel is a delicious accompaniment to the vinegar-infused rice of nigiri sushi ultimate delicacy.

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Cooked rice is often served with grilled eels. Sliced eel has been marinated for hours in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and Japanese wine to produce a unique flavour, and once defrosted is ready for consumption. Serve over sushi rice bowl with your choice of dipping unagi sauce.

Enjoy this easy unagi don grilled eel fillets meal and experience an array of popular flavours in Japanese summer dishes. All flavoured with homemade eel sauce cooked under medium heat. You can prepare it outdoors during the daytime, or you can grill it in the oven at night.

This is one of the simplest products you can buy. In this dish, barbecued unagi strips are served with simple herbs and a sauce. If you prefer, you can prepare your vinegared rice using short-grain rice, but the long-grain rice is equally delicious.

Each unagi fillet is brushed with sweet-and-salty sauce before being grilled until it is caramelized. Because it is freshwater eel, you may be wary of giving it a try, but it tastes just like any other delicate, luxurious exotic seafood. We offer this grilled eel which is already prepared here at Frozen Fish Direct using the best-frozen technology and cooking method.

It only needs to go in the oven and it’s ready to eat. You can step up your meal a notch with this awesome pre-packed meal. This dish goes well with steamed rice and steamed eggs. Alternatively, it can be served with pickles, onions, cucumbers, omelettes, and lettuce, with additional sauce and a drizzle of lemon juice added. This is a winning, evenly combined dish!

Benefits of Fresh Water Eel

The summer months are when Japanese people traditionally prepare amazing eel recipes. As the dish is nutrient-dense and high in protein and essential minerals, it is thought to enhance endurance during hot weather. The omega-3 fatty acids in Unagi eel make it very healthy. Aside from broiled eel, there are other variations of these fish including the conger eel and canned eel.

Responsibly-Sourced Grilled Eel

Sustainable fishing methods were used to catch these eels. They have also been certified by a third party to demonstrate compliance with environmental standards. Aside from the legal aspect, it also considers social and environmental factors.