Shime Saba – Cured Sashimi Grade Mackerel 160g



A cured mackerel fillet, Shime Saba is a great choice for sashimi, and it also makes a great sushi topping, dipped in soy sauce. Using an authentic Japanese recipe, we’ve simplified the process so that you can enjoy it right away. A wonderful mackerel fillet cured in rice vinegar, great for sushi platters, available in a handy 160g package, packed with omega-3 fatty acids. This is the healthiest fish you can eat.

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Mackerels caught in the cold water of Iceland, fresh, wild and with shiny skin. It is perfect for eating all by itself or incorporated into a sushi platter. There are 20 pieces per tray.

Shime Saba is prepared by marinating filets of fresh mackerel with rice wine vinegar and salt and slicing it thinly afterwards. An elegant dinner party would be stunning if you served this fish cut with its stripy scales.

From shime saba, you can make sabazushi, one of the Japanese delicacies that are made with mackerel slices encased in seaweed.

Delectable Cured Mackerel Fillet

Several varieties of mackerel exist, such as the Norwegian mackerel, the Spanish mackerel, and the Japanese saba. As these fish are capable of migrating north to south, they are available year-round all over the world.

Sushi made from Saba Mackerel is exceptionally rich, oily, and fatty. Its use in sushi has a long history, but its roots are actually in Edomae sushi. Shime-Saba (marinated and cured with vinegar, then thinly sliced with a very sharp knife) is a time-honoured traditional food.

This is a premium quality, shime saba cured mackerel that has undergone a lengthy marinating method to yield an excellent, sashimi-grade product. The sliced option is perfect if you’d like a quick meal for that sushi night you’ve been looking forward to.

The taste of Saba is unique, so people tend to describe it as robust and flavorful. You can taste a hint of saltiness, fishiness, as well as a hint of sourness coming from the marinating vinegar and the fish’s natural flavour. There is even a distinct sweetness to it at the peak of its freshness.

If you plan an entertaining sushi party, be sure to include this little treat. It is sure to delight.


This mackerel is caught in the pristine waters of Iceland, where stocks are generally considered good. Although caught by trawl nets, the fish is not a bottom-hugger, so these trawls do not damage the seafloor.

Mackerel is a migratory fish with some stocks migrating up and down coasts to spawn and others even migrating across oceans to find waters suitable for feeding. So the season depends on the region in which the fish were caught. In today’s global economy, you can enjoy saba in any season of the year.