Whole Eel 500-600G




We carry olive eels from Canada, known as Anguilla, which are highly sustainable.

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They are harvested in October and November from the Great Lakes area and frozen at sea en route to Europe to ensure freshness on arrival. We have been selling eels for over 25 years now, and we know them inside out-we offer only the best! Europeans have been enjoying fresh eels for a long time and now we make it easy for you to order the best. They are extremely versatile and can be used in most of your favourite recipes, from traditional dishes such as bouillabaisse or jambalaya to contemporary preparations that make the most of their exquisite flavour potential. They are imported fresh, flash frozen right away, then stored in our freezers. Their meat will never change in colour or taste.


They are quite a large fish and can grow up to an impressive 1.2 metres long. Eels have very little fat in their flesh. The flavour is very distinctive and strong so they should be used as part of a dish or added to something like a soup or stew.


Our company is committed to providing the public with top quality seafood at reasonable prices. As such, we only choose suppliers who have improved fishing methods to cut down on environmental impact.

Frozen Eel Recipe