Atlantic Prawns Shell on 1kg




Whole cooked prawns are delectable; they take a little time to peel but taste good and make an excellent prawn cocktail. Serve as an appetiser or starter.

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These are Atlantic Prawns, but they are still in their shells. Also referred to as ‘a pint of prawns’ in pubs. It’s easy to peel, and it’s a fun way to spice up your dinner. These shell-on, boiled prawns will take you back in time and most likely to a seaside place! Since these prawns are individually frozen, you need to take out what you need and save the remainder in the fridge. Simply defrost them a few hours before serving, and you’re ready to go! The pint glass pub weighs about 200g with 16-20 prawns. From our big pack, you’ll get five points.

What Do Atlantic Prawns Taste Like?

These prawns are delicate and pleasant to eat. It doesn’t have a fishy or sour smell to it. They have a sweet flavour and are also juicy. Overall, it’s delectable and invigorating. These prawns are perfect as an appetiser or starter, but they make a delicious dinner meal on their own.

Responsibly-Sourced Atlantic Prawns

One of the most well-known seafood products we offer is prawns. The prawns in Frozen Fish Direct’s seafood goods come from responsibly run fisheries, uphold environmental goals, and even discuss habitat destruction issues. Any fish or seafood we distribute has been harvested or farmed in an environmentally sustainable manner. Our suppliers use only well-managed farms or sustainable fisheries. This has been a custom of ours for many years.


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