Swordfish Steak Loin 1kg


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Our Swordfish Steak Loin is a fantastic 1kg fish steak ideal for grilling and perfect for cooking during your outdoor barbeques.

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Lean and succulent and rich texture similar to tuna, swordfish has white meat rather than dark. Swordfish are wild-caught, need little preparation and provide a delicious fishy flavour. Whether grilled as one piece or cut up into steaks, swordfish steaks are perfect for the barbecue. It’s also delicious when cut into fillets and pan-fried in clarified butter. With an array of marinades, from simple oils and spices to fruity marinades, swordfish is also a great fish for casseroles and curries, as it can take on lots of flavours.

What Does Swordfish Taste Like?

A firm, smooth-textured fish with a similar meaty texture to tuna, but in a lighter shade of pink. It is a beautifully juicy fish with a subtle white meat flavour. Ideal when cooked over hot coals, it marries well with acidic fruits such as pineapple or mango salsa.

Responsibly-Sourced Swordfish

Our swordfish is from a line caught fishing vessel in Cornwall, responsibly managed using sustainable fishing methods to ensure fish stocks are not harmed. They are deemed to have the lowest bycatch (discarding) rate of all commercial fisheries.

Frozen Swordfish Recipe


170-230g, 1kg