Cooked Crab Claws 1kg




Get ready to enjoy a real Scottish treat! These Cooked Crab Claws weigh 1 kilogram and look delicious. With a white meat centre surrounded by an orange flex and delicate claw shell, it’s ideal for sharing with friends.

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Our cooked crab claws are a delicacy that promises to deliver a whole new dining experience. Gently cooked and packed in a kilogram bag, just heat and serve with your classic accompaniments. These claws are caught in the cold waters at the top of Scotland, so you can be sure that they’re of the highest quality. Take your pick from our selection of bags, all of which are available to order today. A kilo bag contains approximately 4 to 8  125-250G Claw Meat per kilo.

What Do Crab Claws Taste Like?

Crab claws are a great alternative to the legs, with the orangey coloured meat, which is softer than the white body meat. They also contain more protein and less fat compared to most crab parts. These cooked crab claws are ideal for seafood lovers and crab connoisseurs! These claws are frozen to lock in the natural flavours and taste of the meat, which will remain unchanged until you heat them.

Responsibly-Sourced Crab

You won’t have to go crabbing when you order Cooked Crab Claws from us because they are ten times tastier and healthier than any fresh crab meat you might get at the local fishmonger‘s. We use sustainably sourced crabs, which have been checked and approved to meet the ‘Best Aquaculture Practices’ to ensure no damage to them or their environment during harvesting.