Whole Cooked Mussels 1kg




These Whole Cooked Mussels are a healthy, inexpensive source of protein and can be added to pasta dishes or eaten on their own.

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Our packaged frozen mussels are part-cooked and frozen, so you only need to reheat them to get the authentic taste of fresh mussels. Use these mussels in your recipes, or cook them in less than five minutes with our easy-to-follow instructions. Mussels can be used as an ingredient in numerous dishes or served as a quick light meal on their own, and they’re naturally high in iron and calcium. Get ready for the most tender, succulent mussel experience of your life! These mussels are ready to add to your favourite recipes and are a perfect addition to any dish. Their convenient bag allows you to keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to use them, and they also travel well. Enjoy high-quality seafood that’s easy on your budget!


Whole Cooked Mussels are a convenient, luxurious treat that’s perfect for pre-grilling appetizers and salads. Their firm texture and mild flavour make them easy to serve as an entrée with linguine or angel hair pasta, as the main course or sprinkled on pizza. They’re packed in briny, natural juices for bursting flavour, and each mussel is individually inspected for quality.


These premium mussels have been harvested in the clean, cold waters of the British coast. They are of a higher grade. Mussels are closely monitored and tested to ensure they are free from toxins, parasites and pollutants. All of our seafood is packaged to preserve freshness and minimize waste. We are proud to use environmentally friendly materials.