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There is a general difference between the size of British female crabs and British male crabs, known as cock crabs locally. These boxes of five kilograms of fresh-frozen cooked female crabs are available to order. Legs and claws may be broken on these cooked crabs, which makes them an excellent stock or soup ingredient.

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British Female Crabs 5 kg Bulk

Crabs possess a savoury, sweet flesh that is protected by their external shell. From April to November is crab season.

Select brown crabs with a solid weight and do not have fluid dripping throughout. In the claws are tender and sweet white crab meat, while the body contains brown meat that is flavorful. The cooked crab can also be frozen and re-used within three months of freezing.

Amazing Edible Brown Crabs

Eaten raw or cooked, these edible crabs are rich in protein, which helps build muscle and regenerate cells. Furthermore, it contains minerals such as phosphorus and potassium, along with Omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for the brain and the heart. Vitamin C in this food boosts immunity and helps with eye health.

Frozen fresh crabs are used in dishes including soup and stew. The meat tastes best in spring, at its sweetest and most flavorful, making them perfect for easy preparations including healthy salads, pasta dishes, rice dishes, and snacks. They’re absolutely divine with homemade mayonnaise. To retain the flavour of this edible crab, you should cook it on the shell.

Compared to their male counterparts, female crabs have more flavorful flesh.


Frozen Fish Direct’s British species crabs offer plenty of reasons to buy. Aside from being a reasonably priced delicacy, in comparison with lobsters and other crabs, the rising popularity of this species is encouraging for the British fishing industry, particularly since it is fairly sustainable.

We source ours from British waters, a prime location for brown crab, hermit crab, shore crab, and many others. Delivered fresh frozen, you’ll be able to remove the delicious meat easily! Available in minimum orders of 5 kilograms.

We catch the bulk of our crabs in crab pots, a method that has a very low impact on the environment. For the best female crab, choose the local crab caught in pots. Inshore waters where landing sizes are higher are the best locations to catch British crabs. There is no problem with discarding undersized or berried crabs as they can go back to the sea without harm.


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