Whole Brown Crab 800-950g


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Along the coast of the UK and northern France, you can find brown crab, a unique delicacy.

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Along the coast of the UK and northern France, you can find brown crab, a unique delicacy. Typically from the North Sea and the English Channel, brown crabs are picked at the peak of freshness and cooked immediately to capture their delicious flavour. Each crab is selected for its size and freshness by an expert team at Frozen Fish Direct, ensuring that only the sweetest meat is used for each one of our carefully packed boxes of crabs. Our whole brown crab is the perfect addition to any seafood lover’s repertoire. Its body and shell remain intact after cleaning and cooking, creating an appealing presentation. The shell provides a delicious flavour for cooking whilst also adding texture to dishes. Ideal for blending with other ingredients for savoury crab cakes, soup, stew recipes and more. It is also low in fat.

What Does Brown Crab Taste Like?

The tasty brown crab is prized for its soft and delicate taste and is widely regarded as a delicacy. The meat is succulent and very tender, with a firm texture but melts in your mouth. Whether it’s dipped in our exclusive “secret” sauce or eaten dipped in a sauce of your choice, it will delight your senses and pamper your taste buds. A familiar brown crab dish includes the whole crab steamed with ginger and soy sauce.

Responsibly-Sourced Brown Crab

Whole Brown Crab is a brand of crab that came to be due to the popularity of crab cakes. Frozen Fish Direct has sourced crabs from sustainable crab farms, which follow proper fisheries management resources and have enforcement capabilities. The crabs are harvested from the wild and fished by professional fishermen who use sustainable fishing practices and gather them using approved harvesting techniques.