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Our Whelks are wild, caught off the coast of Scotland. They are slow-growing molluscs and are widely available all year round.

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Inside each shell, the meat has a sweet sea flavour and tastes like the best scampi you have ever had. Whelks are wonderful to eat. They are rich in Vitamin B12, calcium and iron. They are also low in fat and cholesterol and therefore good for the blood and bones. This particular type of whelk is great for eating on the beach while enjoying a pint of cider. Our customers love them, and we suggest you try them. Great in surf and turf salads or steamed in white wine, Whelks make a great dish at home or for lunch out. They can also be chopped up and added to pasta dishes, stews and casseroles. Once you’ve eaten the best whelks in the world, you’ll find that they’re surprisingly versatile.

What Do Whelks Taste Like?

Whelks taste so delicious, and it’s the perfect seafood alternative to scampi or mussels. You can also use them to make a range of delicious chowders or casseroled. The meat itself is white, and a bit chewy but is nevertheless considered by foodies to be very tasty. They are found on beaches or in shallow waters and are eaten whole, including their viscera, similar to abalone consumption.

Responsibly-Sourced Whelks

These delicious, easy-to-prepare whelks are sustainably harvested and certified Non-Genetically Modified (non-GMO). This means that no harsh chemicals have been used in the growing and production process.


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