Seabass Fillets 350-450gram



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Sea Bass Fillets is a popular fish and is a firm favourite amongst many fish lovers. Rich in nutrients, it contains some of the highest concentrations of omega-3 fats known to man. It has a mild flavour and is very versatile with numerous cooking methods including steaming, grilling, poaching and baking. Each Sea Bass Fillets 350-450g portion is perfect for a couple and comes individually quick-frozen, meaning that you can use it in any way that you would normally use Salmon. It will come raw with the skin on, so no extra pre-treatment is required, simply defrost, skin and grill if you want to. The fillet will cook evenly and it won’t dry out as the skin is still there.


Sea Bass Fillets are firm-textured, succulent with a delicate flavour. They are rich in protein, contain very little fat and above all are economical. Due to the mild taste Sea Bass Fillets can be cooked easily in a variety of styles but have particularly good results if grilled; they can also be baked in the oven or poached gently in fish stock. A great value product, fillets are excellent for any recipe calling for salmon as well.


Our Sea Bass Fillets are sustainably sourced from the clean waters of the Atlantic. Expertly portioned, these fillets are skinless and boneless, so they’re easy to prepare. Serve with your favourite side dishes for a simple, flavorful meal your guests will love.