Peeled Wild Red Shrimp 1kg




Red shrimp is a popular component in seafood cocktails and stuffings. You can throw shrimp into your stir-fry, or dish pasta quickly and they are perfect for it. One of the best quick and easy recipes to assemble for when you are too exhausted to cook a healthy dinner!

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Red Shrimp is rich in thiamin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, and niacin, all of which can help with fatigue. It’s also rich in vitamin B12 and copper. Red Shrimp has several health advantages, and numerous research trials are increasingly revealing promising results about the beneficial impact this seafood has. This new larger bag contains 64 to 66 shrimps inside per 1 kg bag. They’re from Argentina, which has some of the best-quality peeled and deveined shrimp on the planet. Red Shrimp are a great alternative to farmed shrimps and black tiger prawns because they are better in consistency and have a juicier, tastier flavour.


As opposed to typical prawns, our delectable Argentinian Red Shrimps have a sweeter taste. They are wild captured in Argentina, then peeled, deveined, and quickly frozen at sea to retain consistency, taste, and richness. The shrimps’ eye-catching colour, even when raw, is not just the species’ biggest attraction; the flavour has been likened to lobster, giving it a touch of luxury.


A state agency that outlines rules to regulate and preserve the full survival of the species monitors Argentina’s fisheries. Since they are certified, these shrimp are considered to be sustainable. They’ve been approved by a third-party certifier to demonstrate that our company complies with the required social and environmental requirements.