Peeled Brown Shrimps 454g



We have sourced some fantastic wild brown shrimps.
They are so simple to prepare with no peeling.

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The brown shrimp is a tiny shellfish that looks like a prawn but with a flatter, thinner body. As the term implies, while they are raw they are greyish-brown, but once cooked these shrimps turn a vivid pinkish-orange.

We got wonderful Cumbrian wild brown shrimps. They’re easy to prepare and don’t need any peeling. They are all individually fast-frozen, allowing you to extract as much as you want from the freezer at once. They are ready to cook, with no peeling required. These butter-cooked shrimp would make an excellent appetiser or perhaps even the highlight of the entire night.

Because of its omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthin, shrimp is a diet-friendly food. Astaxanthin is a carotenoid that gives shrimp, crab, and lobster their bright red colour. Shrimps have a high protein content and are nearly fat-free. This is a sea creature that is also easy to digest!

Shrimp are a perfect addition to any stir-fry or pasta dish, or this can be served as a side dish because they cook quickly. The best solution when you are tired after a hard day at work!


These peeled brown shrimp tails are delicious as a garnish for other traditional seafood dishes or in a fancy salad or sandwich. If you’re planning on making potted shrimp, these shrimp would be perfect. Brown shrimp are a popular ingredient that can be found in a range of recipes.


Since they are certified, these shrimps are environmentally sustainable. They have been approved by a third-party assessor to demonstrate that our company complies with both social and environmental requirements.

Social and environmental efficiency, ethics, sustainability, compliance, economic feasibility, and management processes are all factors to consider.