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Battered squid rings are a seafood dish of battered or floured squid. The rings are made from a squid’s body. They can be cooked in several forms, including frying, grilling, and baking.

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The squid is sliced into circles around its whole body. The most popular squid ring variation is fried battered squid rings, which are fried until crispy. Squid rings may also be baked with a small amount of oil and seasoning instead of frying. Frozen Fish Direct Battered Squid Rings are a great addition to every seafood recipe and go well with a range of flavours. They have a crisp, airy feel but a soft and gentle flavour and can be fried for a quick meal or baked in the oven. Each squid ring has a diameter of around 1.8 inches and is packaged in clear vacuum-sealed bags.

What Do Battered Squid Rings Taste Like?

The meat is firm and white, with a soft buttery flavour that is somewhat nutty. If cooked properly, squids are firm and chewy. They’re not supposed to be rubbery.

Battered squid rings are better eaten with dipping sauces such as harissa, aioli, red pepper, tzatziki, or marinara, and no matter what the dish is, the squid flavour shines through.

Responsibly-Sourced Squids

The squids are captured in a way that bears consideration of the environment. They are caught without harming their environment.

They are cleaned thoroughly before being processed, then stored in a vacuum-sealed pack. They are fast-frozen to prevent any damage during delivery.

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