Sliced Squid Ika 160g



There is nothing more delectable than ika or squid to the Japanese people. The majority of the world’s catches of squid are eaten by the Japanese. Served sliced, the squid Ika is luxurious exotic seafood that is chewy yet smooth, and it has a slightly sweet taste and a gel-like texture. You can use it for sushi, sashimi, broiled dishes, and simmered dishes. The popularity of squid tempura is on the rise. You can’t have beer without smoking squid or roasted squid.

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The squid that has been procured sustainably from Thailand is market-fresh. Thinly sliced, this squid has a sweet taste and a soft texture. We use the best-frozen technology to freeze our squid slices, making them perfect for sushi. These Ika are presliced in 160g portions, a great addition to sushi toppings. Delicious, healthy, and environmentally friendly. Place your order now and select your delivery method.

According to some estimates, there are more than 400 varieties of ika in the world’s oceans, of which a large number are native to Japan. Aori Ika is the most delicious subspecies, not surprising since many sushi chefs think so. Due to its rarity, it commands a high price.

Sushi is best when the squid weighs between 2-4 pounds. As the skin is thick, a skilled sushi chef will slice the ika into thin, decorative pieces.

As the piece is chewed the sweetness of the ika increases, and a faint ocean scent emanates. It is traditionally eaten with salt and sudachi.

The squid that we offer is of sashimi quality. Sushi and sashimi can be made with this. Just defrost and use. There’s a distinctive flavour that seafood and squid lovers are sure to enjoy. It may be easier to chew the Ika slices if you slit the top, as they can be a bit chewy.

There is an option to drizzle Soy Sauce over the Ika slices to add some colour, since they are quite white, and to add flavour as well.

Even after cooking, the texture will remain soft, so this is ideal for making seared sushi with noodles. It’s also tasty when it’s parboiled with tasty miso sauce.

Benefits Of Squid Slices

Squid may be tough to digest or unpleasant to swallow because of its chewy texture. A squid’s high protein content is bolstered by its taurine content, which contributes to kidney health. It is for this reason that squid is easy to digest.

Fats and calories are also low in squid. Furthermore, it contains high levels of vitamins B2 and E, potassium and niacin, as well as essential fatty acids like EPA and DHA, which are found primarily in seafood.


The growth and development of squid are remarkably fast, they mature in a year or less, and they multiply rapidly. The fast growth of squid keeps their numbers high, despite heavy fishing. Additionally, they tend to congregate in sandy areas, as they are less likely to be trawled.

Overfishing is unlikely to be a problem for squids as they mature at different rates, making them able to manage their reproductive rate. In some countries, including Japan, the UK, and Australia, squid farming is big business.

Frozen Fish Direct’s squids are all harvested and handled sustainably.