Plaice Fillet 1kg




When it comes to fish, plaice is a good choice for everyday meals as it’s a healthy and wonderfully versatile white fish.

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Our 1 kg Plaice Fillet is Dutch plaice that has been iced immediately after being harvested, giving the fish a fine, moist texture and subtle yet distinctive flavour. Our plaice are plucked straight out of their native North Sea waters by fishermen using traditional hand line fishing. Brushed with a little sunflower oil for cooking, it’s great served simply with salt and pepper or with lighter flavours such as tartare sauce or creamy hollandaise to contrast. Ready for you to enjoy on its own or with whatever you fancy.


The delicate white meat of the plaice fish has a distinctive slightly sweet flavour and makes an excellent meal served either as a whole fish or filleted. This Plaice Fillet is wild-caught and can be grilled on the barbecue or fried in a pan.


Our Plaice is the wild variety famed for its delicate, sustainable flavour. Grown on a sustainable fishery in sheltered coastal waters of the North Sea, it is slow grown to help ensure its high quality.