Torsadine 250G




Savour the delights of seaweed pasta. Torsadine is an easy-to-prepare cereal with taste and texture. It contains dulse, wakame nori and spirulina, vegetarian seaweed pasta from Brittany.

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It perfectly accompanies your salads, shellfish, fish and white meats. They’re cultivated in Brittany, in an environmentally friendly way, and mingled with French herbs. Their unique taste comes from the combination of seaweed with dulse, wakame nori and spirulina. It contains seventeen trace minerals, iodine and essential amino acids, which are necessary for protein synthesis.

What Does Torsadine Taste Like?

These delicious cereals are made with a fine fresh pasta of seaweed, the only one in Europe. Each one has a different appearance and different flavours from various types of seaweeds. They have been discovered by trendsetting restaurateurs and will accompany your salads, shellfish, fish and white meats. They are delicious used in many ways. Just heat to serve with a little boiling water or milk or cold for an attractive salad.

Responsibly-Sourced Seaweed

Tasty and easy to prepare, Torsadine has a special pasta shape that makes it perfect for soups. It is easy to digest thanks to an excellent balance of protein, without any genetically modified products or preservatives, and with a selection of herbs that make it extremely tasty and wholesome.