Wo Fat Tsingtao Curry Samosa



The Wo Fat Tsingtao Curry Samosa makes an excellent addition to a lot of our fish products. This is a pure vegetable samosa, with no meat or fish included.

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Perfect for vegetarians it’s a succulent, crispy and tasty treat that will make you belly dance. This delicious and tasty snack has a crisp outer layer filled with different vegetables and spices, giving great flavour. It is a crispy delicious snack that is deep-fried to give you the experience of a cuisine masterpiece. They’re great for dipping in salsa, curry sauces, and cheese sauce.


Hand-rolled with care and cooked to perfection, Wo Fat’s Tsingtao Curry Samosas are a delicious snack, appetizer, or side dish. This combination of flaky-but-crispy fried pastry, savoury vegetable curry, and zesty Asian spices makes for a satisfyingly original treat. The Wo Fat Tsingtao Curry Samosas are lovely, fried, and crisp on the outside with a delicious light and flavorful vegetable curry inside.