Kingfish Loin 2-230gram skin on


Kingfish or King Mackerel can be found in the western Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. King Mackerel has dark flesh with a meaty oily texture and salty taste, making it a good alternative to tuna or salmon, but with a darker colour and stronger taste. This premium loin fillet is from wild-caught Kingfish and comes in 200-230g pieces with skin on, perfect for searing or grilling.

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King Mackerel is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help with cardiovascular health and brain function. These fish also contain Selenium, Vitamin B12, and protein, and it is effective for those who have problems with their memory and cognition. Kingfish is high in iodine, which is why it has been thought to be good for the thyroid.

Kingfish loins are very versatile, and they can be prepared in numerous ways – baked, seared or grilled. The meaty oily taste of the Kingfish goes well with bold or citrusy flavours. Why not try pan-frying the kingfish loins in butter, garlic and lemon sauce or roasting with a fresh mango sauce—this fish pairs well with a richer white Burgundy or Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon blend.