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With no shell, true prawns are unavailable to many people with allergies or strong shellfish sensitivity. Imitation prawns made of surimi, a Japanese fish paste made with fish meat, water and starches gives the familiar flavour of prawns without their negative attributes.

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With a delicious flavour and texture, these Pinks are an excellent source of seafood with the added benefit of being free from allergens. Pinks are made from the finest quality surimi and contain no artificial additives. Pinks can be boiled, grilled or fried and are the perfect addition to any seafood dish, whether it’s a comforting chowder or a spicy stir fry. You may also add them to pasta, salads, sushi and steamed rice for an extra protein boost. Pinks have all the flavour and far less of the calories!


Natural sea pink food colouring is added to the fish surimi and mixed in with the rest of the ingredients to create a flavour and texture that is very similar to real prawns. Its flavour is also indistinguishable from real prawns.


Our fully traceable Pinks are made from sustainably caught white fish. This white fish comes from a fishery that has been independently certified to the MSC’s standard for a well managed and sustainable fishery.