Anchovies in Oil 1kg


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Anchovies in oil are cooked and ready to eat. Suitable for appetisers, snacks, and side dishes. They have a wonderful flavour and are perfect for a quick meal at home or as a treat.

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They have been sealed sterilely and are stored at the optimal temperature of 12 degrees to ensure freshness. The anchovies we market as fillets are further processed to extract bones, but they still have all their natural flavours. This procedure involves soaking the fillets in milk, which softens the bones and makes them more edible. Our products are manufactured from carefully chosen raw materials that follow rigorous quality requirements and are tracked during the production process.

What Do Anchovies in Oil Taste Like?

Many dishes benefit from the saltiness and umami it offers. Anchovies in oil, along with other spices, are used to enhance the flavour. These anchovies can be used in salads or on pizzas to add texture to the dish. They are excellent even with fresh salads, tapas, grilled bread and mixed with a salad dressing with tuna and mayonnaise. Used in Southeast Asian, Japanese, and Chinese cooking.

Responsibly-Sourced Anchovies

Anchovies are fish species from the Atlantic Ocean that’s been netted from the open waters. It is caught per stringent government-imposed regulations. Fish and seafood suppliers must obey specific handling and sanitation laws. This is to ensure that customers are receiving clean and high-quality products.