Cod Fillet (Finest) 950/1050gram


Atlantic Ocean


Cod is highly prized as a food fish, with white flesh that flakes easily. It is an important food fish worldwide.

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In the United Kingdom and parts of Europe, it forms part of the traditional diet. Cod fillets are common on fish menus across the UK. A traditional Friday fish supper always includes cod as one of the main dishes. This is typically served with scalloped potatoes or as fish and chips. It is also used in a variety of foods, including fish fingers and fishcakes.

What Does Cod Fillet Taste Like?

Cod fillet is one of our most popular and versatile fish. The firm texture and rich flavour make it a great choice for various dishes. A fish fillet’s high omega-3 oil content contributes to its delicious flavour. The good news is that these fillets are naturally low in fat.

Responsibly-Sourced Cod Fillet

This product uses cod from fisheries that are sustainable and responsibly managed.

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