Cod Loin Skinless & Boneless 1kg


1kg 200-220g

Atlantic Cod loin,  filleted and flash frozen. No bones or skin, just Atlantic Cod at its best. The loin of the Cod is the middle third of a cod fillet with a sweet, subtle flavour and pearly white flesh. It is just at home in a full-flavoured sauce as it is coated in batter, and it also works well in tandem with other seafood such as Mussels and Prawns.

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Because of their high-fat content, cod loins have a natural pinkish flesh and are white, giving them their distinct taste and texture. The thickest, most meaty portion of the cod gives your next meal a lean, smooth, juicy and flaky fish with a firm texture.

This product can be used in a variety of seafood dishes. Every loin has been deboned and skinned by hand before being trimmed to precision.

Our premium Cod Loin portions come in one-kilogram packs and have standardized size and thickness for full plate coverage.

What Does Cod Loin Taste Like?

Cod is a mildly flavoured fish that is high in protein, selenium, and vitamin D. Pan-frying, grilling, broiling, poaching, and baking skinless and boneless loins are all excellent options.

Breaded or battered, cod loins may also be baked or fried.

Responsibly-Sourced Cod Loin

This product is from a certified sustainable fishery committed to sustainable fishing practices and seafood quality.

Our cod is responsibly caught in the North-East Atlantic. Skillfully cut (or carved) from the prime area of the fish with a firm and flaky texture.

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