New Zealand Oysters, Halfshell 12 In Box



The oyster is a luxury, multifaceted food. You can eat it almost any way you like, like with lemon juice or with garlic vinegar. Take advantage of our half shell oysters to make delicious dishes or just to enjoy them as they are.

We select and size-grade each oyster individually for the best appearance across batches. On the half shell, you can serve them with lemon juice, salt, black pepper, or garlic sauce, and eat them raw. Also, they may be steamed, baked, or boiled.

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We harvest and pack our New Zealand Pacific oysters at peak quality. The oysters are delivered well-prepared, allowing customers around the globe to have a great oyster experience year-round. From frozen, simply thaw and eat the oysters raw. They are sashimi-quality oysters.

Frozen Fish Direct’s Oysters are sourced from the pure, pristine waters of New Zealand. Organically certified, they meet the UK’s environmental standards.

Frozen oysters are the perfect way to enjoy fresh oysters in the winter months, as they are excellent and very convenient to eat raw. The prices shown on oysters on the main menu can sometimes be reduced.

Get ready to experience a mouth-watering adventure in the world of oysters by placing your order today.

Health Benefits of Half Shell Oysters

Low in calories and rich in micronutrients, oysters provide many health benefits. The abundance of micronutrients in oysters contributes to their specific therapeutic qualities.

Maintaining brain health

They are packed with vitamin B12, which is essential for keeping the brain healthy. Alzheimer’s disease, and other types of dementia, have been linked with vitamin B12 insufficiency.

Selenium deficiency prevention

Selenium is naturally found in oysters. Infertility, memory loss, and heart disease are caused by deficiencies.

Good bone health

Besides vitamin D and manganese, oysters are also high in copper and zinc. Combined with calcium, these micronutrients may contribute to slowing bone loss or even preventing it in osteoporosis patients.

It replenishes nutrition

Some of these vitamins and minerals can be deficient in both men and women as they age. Insufficient intake of nutrition-rich foods illnesses or medications that affect our bodies can make it harder to absorb certain nutrients.


The oyster farming industry is considered a sustainable method that does not harm the environment or consume vast amounts of resources.

We at Frozen Fish Direct treat our seafood products responsibly, preserving their natural flavours and guaranteeing their quality. We are dedicated to giving you an exceptional dining experience, which includes a deep love of seafood, sustainable practices, and consistency in our products.

Use sustainable seafood whenever possible to safeguard the environment for future generations and contribute to the protection of our oceans.