Lemon Sole 1kg


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Lemon Sole is a species of flatfish that lives on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Its name is derived from the pinkish-yellow colour of its underside.

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Ours is caught deep in the northern Atlantic. The water temperature is cold enough to ensure that these very small young fish are caught without damaging their fragile body, which can only be fully appreciated when cooked. They can be frozen without affecting flavour, texture or appearance. Farmed in the clean cold waters of northern Europe, our Lemon Sole is a versatile fish. The flesh has a nice, sweet flavour, and it is best served with a light sauce, either grilled or fried.

What Does Lemon Sole Taste Like?

Lemon Soles are very versatile. This sweet white flesh fish can be prepared in the oven, fried in a pan, even used as fish finger topping! The texture and taste of Lemon Sole are far superior to that of common Sole.

Responsibly-Sourced Lemon Sole

Lemon Soles have a sweet and delicate flavour, which is why we carefully select only the freshest of fish to bring you this wonderful dish. Our Lemon Sole is sustainably caught using line and hook methods, where the fish are not harmed in any way, ensuring top quality catch, free from damage.

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