Seafood Party Pack Bundle – Small

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For our small party bundle we’ve picked out some of our best-selling products guaranteed to satisfy your guests. Combining flavours from all around the world, these make for a perfect starter or a fish and seafood platter, served with toast points, crackers and tartar sauce for dipping. This bundle includes:

– Smoked Salmon 500g
– Smoked Mackerel Pate 56g
– Cooked Tiger Prawns (peeled, tail on, no vein) 1kg
– Crab Sticks 1kg

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There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than with this seafood party pack bundle. Get your party started with bbq buttery Tiger Prawns, smoked salmon, crab sticks, smoked mackerel pate, and delectable spring rolls. With our signature party pack, you will enjoy a variety of fresh seafood and vibrant flavours that are enhanced with fresh cilantro, onions, and tomatoes. The ultimate delicacy!

You’re sure to enjoy our Seafood Party Pack Bundle. With a burst of delicious flavour, mixed seafood is a great way to impress your guests. Our company prides itself on delivering the finest seafood with great service for no extra charge, so you are guaranteed the best.

Our website features only premium quality products. Throughout the UK, we supply seafood to many 5-star restaurants. To keep frozen goods frozen during shipping, all frozen products are packed with dry ice. To order next day delivery, contact us now.

You will find a selection of our favourite wild-caught fish and luxurious exotic seafood in this superb party basket:

Smoked Salmon – 500g

It has been lightly smoked using oak and beechwood for a mild and delicate taste. The Smoked Salmon we sell comes from Norwegian or Scottish waters. To lock in sweetness, smouldering oak is used to impart strength, and beechwood is used to enhance sweetness. After maturing, it is then sliced to develop its flavour.

Look no further if you desire smoked salmon delivered right to your doorstep. We use only the finest ingredients at Frozen Fish Direct, and our smoked salmon does not disappoint.

Smoked Mackerel Pate – 56g

A smoked mackerel mixture infused with cream, cayenne, and pure cheese. You can serve this pâté as an appetizer or as a canapé. Served on hot toast, it makes a healthy, snackable appetizer.

Cooked Tiger Prawns (peeled, tail on, deveined) – 1 kg

Tiger prawns that have been cooked and peeled are ready to eat once defrosted, there’s no need to cook them. Ideal for prawn curry or a traditional fish pie, and because they are already cooked, they only need to be warmed up. If you prefer, dip them in a sweet garlic and chilli sauce, serve them on a salad or as a buffet item. Adding some mayonnaise or other condiments will make your eating experience even better.

If you want ‘hassle-free’ king prawns, these are your best bet. There’s nothing better than knowing you have king prawns ready to eat in the freezer. All you have to do is defrost them. These are a favourite picnic food since they can be easily defrosted and eaten.

Crab Sticks – 1kg

Surimi paste is used to make these delicious crabsticks. Crab Sticks made from Surimi are 80% protein and a rich source of omega-3s, making them a healthier alternative to lobster meat with high-fat content. With low cholesterol and calorie content, these crab sticks are a wonderful addition to your cooking repertoire.

You can easily add the flavour of the world’s oceans to your food by using crab sticks. Salads, kinds of pasta, and pizzas can all be prepared with them. Sweetcorn, vinegar, pickles, and paprika pair well with their sweet flavour.

Seafood Party Pack Favourites

Our frozen seafood and fish selection provides you with all the nutrients that the sea has to offer. Having enough protein and omega-3 fatty acids is important for muscles to recover and to maintain a healthy heart; vitamins B and D are important for healthy bones and sound sleep; zinc, and magnesium, promote recovery of muscles. These are excellent additions to any health-conscious diet!

Several of our best-selling products are included in this small party bundle – all easy to prepare for a hassle-free celebration. Served as a starter or on a stunning platter, this delicious fish and seafood will impress your guests.

Responsibly-Sourced Seafood

Responsibly sourcing our fresh frozen seafood is important to us which is why Frozen Fish Direct’s fish experts work with responsibly managed farms from various fisheries and the best frozen technology to continually improve their high standards of quality, welfare and sustainability.