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Having sashimi at home just got easier. For all sushi lovers out there we’ve curated a great selection of highest-quality fish and seafood perfect for sashimi. Our Sashimi Bundle provides a wide range of fresh flavours and tender textures from all around the world. This bundle includes:

  • Tuna Sashimi 200g
  • Swordfish Sashimi 200g
  • New Zealand Oysters, half shell (12 in a box)
  • Muki Ama Ebi 30 pieces
  • Sushi Maki Sticks 500g
  • Tilapia Izumidai 160g

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Here at Frozen Fish Direct, we have gathered some of our most popular sashimi-grade fish and oysters so you can sample them all in a convenient way. Two people can enjoy this pack as a generous main course or four people as a shared starter.

This Sashimi pack includes Tuna Sashimi, Swordfish Sashimi, New Zealand Oysters, half shell, Muki Amaebi, Sushi Maki Sticks, and Tilapia Izumidai.

Just got a whole lot easier to make sashimi at home. Those who love sashimi will find the best seafood and fish here. Featuring a variety of textures and tastes, our Sashimi Bundle is sure to please!

Featuring fish and seafood of the highest quality, this Sashimi Bundle can be eaten raw on its own, dipped in soy sauce, or wasabi or accompanied by fresh flavors of avocado, cucumber, and cheese, or to assemble a sushi roll of your choice.

We work closely with a supplier to bring you these fantastic fish and seafood products. They process and air freight the frozen seafood to us at minus 60C, where we keep it in specialized freezers at minus 60C before we dispatch your order. Doing so helps to retain its colour, texture and flavour to ensure you are getting the premier sashimi experience. We suggest you eat our Sshimi Bundle within a few weeks of receiving it.

Benefits of Sashimi Grade Fish Bundle

With this variety of fish and seafood, you’ll get the full spectrum of nutrients that the sea has to offer. It has everything you need: proteins and omega 3 fatty acids, essential for muscle repair and a strong heart, as well as vitamins and minerals in form of zinc, magnesium, vitamins B and D that help strengthen bones and allow one to sleep well. Healthy foods that are perfect for any diet!

Tuna Sashimi – 200g

Whether you’re a sushi beginner or an expert, this premium yellowfin tuna is sure to satisfy.

Swordfish Sashimi – 200g

Like tuna, swordfish is meaty and rich in flavor. In comparison to less meaty fish, swordfish is able to be prepared in a variety of ways due to its firm texture. Since it has a robust, meaty taste, it has become increasingly popular in a variety of cuisines around the world.

New Zealand Oysters half shell – 12 in a box

One of the most diversified foods in the world is the oyster. Almost anything goes with it, including lemon juice and garlic vinegar. We offer delicious half shell oysters that can be prepared into savory dishes or just enjoyed raw.

Muki Ama Ebi – 30 pieces

Amaebi, or spot prawns, are renowned for their sweetness, making them ideally suited for raw consumption since cooking diminishes the sweetness.

Sushi Maki Sticks – 500g

Bring the taste of the ocean to your table in an easy and quick manner. Their sweetness compliments other foods with similar flavors, like paprika, and more tangy foods, like pickles and vinegar. Surimi paste is the base for these delicious crab sticks. Cholesterol-free and low-calorie, these Maki Sticks are the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Tilapia Izumidai – 160g

The sushi grade Tilapia, which is called Izumidai, is an excellent fish that is firm and mildly sweet. Usually known as Shiromi in sushi establishments. A great alternative to Red Snapper, Tilapia has a medium firm texture when raw.


Fish and seafood we sell are caught using sustainable methods. Therefore, we strive to ensure that our company grows as sustainably as possible. Assuring that fish populations are protected while maintaining access to delicious seafood.