Hake loins 140-160gram (7-8 in pack)


Skinless, boneless MSC approved Hake loins 8 in a box. Approx 1.3kg.

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Frozen Fish Direct offers the finest, natural Hake loins available on the market today. These premium quality pieces of meat are taken from MSC certified wild-caught fish, which were caught in deep waters off the coast of the Atlantic and have been individually quick frozen to preserve their freshness, taste, texture and flavour for maximum enjoyment.

The hake is a long, wide-bodied fish that has an oversized head. This fish belongs to the same taxonomic order as cod and haddock and can grow up to 1 meter in length. The fish is lightly brown on top, but its belly ranges from white or silver depending upon where it lives. Our loin cuts are perfect for restaurants who want high-quality seafood that doesn’t clash aesthetically with their decorating scheme!

Our high-quality Hake Loin Fillets are the perfect choice when you’re looking for an ingredient that’s perfectly suited to Mediterranean cuisine. Its firm structure means it holds up well under grilling or frying without compromising texture. At the same time, its delicate flavour lends itself beautifully as part of any dish, from paella a la Valenciana (Spanish) to Moussaka à la grecque (Greek).

What Does Hake Taste Like?

Our hake loins will make your customers’ taste buds tingle with delight. The fish is a fantastic fit for many dishes and can be prepared in various ways – fried or grilled to perfection!

Hake is a milder fish with a more delicate taste than cod. The flesh is tender but does not disintegrate as it is cooked. With balanced stocks, it is an excellent substitute for cod.
The flesh is light in colour, flaky, and firm. It tastes slightly nutty, with touches of dashi or soy sauce. It is perfect for an entree, snack, or a seafood main dish.

Responsibly-Sourced Hake

Our Hake is sourced from a commercial fishery that is dedicated to sustainable fishing activities and high-quality seafood.

They are caught using a variety of fishing gear, including longlines, trawls, seines and gillnets. We always make certain that all our seafood are sustainable on a global scale.

Frozen Hake Recipe