Whole Red Prawns 800g




10 to 20 whole raw wild prawns for every kilo. These are wild, harvested and packed by sea to preserve the best quality.

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These are fresh, tasty, uncooked red prawns from Argentina. If you haven’t yet tried a whole Argentinian Red Prawn, we urge you to do it now. These beauties are absolutely breathtaking with a drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice, and a sprinkle of sea salt and crushed black pepper! These are a must-have for your summer barbecue dream list! Whole red prawns are gaining significance in prawn markets worldwide and are becoming a staple in many folk’s fridges.

What Do Red Prawns Taste Like?

Their distinct flavours come from their natural ocean environments, as they do with other wild prawn varieties. There are no field pens, forced feeding, pesticides, or genetic manipulation. Naturally, these wild red prawns come from the ice-cold waters of the Argentine region, and they give them an exquisite texture and a delicious flavour of the sea. These juicy, wild, cold-water prawns need just a light grilling or sautéing in a pan over a low flame to be delightful.

Responsibly-Sourced Red Prawns

These prawns have been accredited as being sustainably sourced. They’ve already been certified by a third-party assessor to show that our business meets both social and environmental standards. It also considers social and environmental consequences, as well as ethical considerations.

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