Herrings 900g (whole)


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South Coast
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There are herring caught near the southern coast, and they are a good size Atlantic herring. Purchasing these is a good choice for the bbq, as they are whole and affordable. They are typically 5-8 pieces per kilogram.

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The whole herring are healthy, versatile and tasty. You can prepare them with potatoes and seasonings for dinner or fry them up as a treat. Fish can be pickled or added to stews and soups after it is boiled. Herring is one of the healthiest fish to eat because it contains vitamins D, B12, and B6, selenium, and other essential nutrients. Herring also has a high protein content that will help to keep you feeling full for longer. It’s low in calories and can be consumed by healthy individuals daily. Herring is also delicious if prepared well. It’s a great fish to eat on the BBQ and is also very versatile. It can go with just about anything.

What Does Herring Taste Like?

Herring has a soft, mushy texture. You can eat it on its own or bread it and fry it for added crunch. They have many bones to contend with, so be sure to pick them out before eating. If you’re going the frying route, then you’ll need a batch of beer batter or battered fish. Herring has an oily texture that makes it different from other fish. If prepared well, however, herring is delicious and nutritious.

Responsibly-Sourced Herring

We are committed to sustainable harvesting transparently and ethically. We only buy our herring from fishermen engaged in sustainable gear, such as traps or nets. Our herring is caught using nets during the winter months and springs when the fishing is good.

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