Octopus Tentacles 250-300g



Just the best bit! These delicious cooked octopus tentacles have uses galore in salads, pasta, your imagination is the limit.

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Octopus tentacles are a great seafood product that has lots of tasty uses. They can be eaten whole as a snack, or use directly in salad as an ingredient or even grilled with some spices.

They are normally supplied frozen but we have vacuum packed these to maintain the succulence and flavour. Normally this would be 2-4 tentacles per pack weighing an average of 250 – 300 grams.

Octopus tentacles are the larger section of the tentacle. They are great when cooked and have a lovely firm texture and sweet flavour.

The octopus meat is white and has a distinctive, but not unpleasant taste. These treats will pull together your special salad or pasta dish or can be sliced into chunks for a zesty lunch box treat.

These are simply the best bits! Great tasting, tender octopus tentacles.


These octopus tentacles are all-natural, no chemicals or preservatives have been added to preserve their freshness. They are firm and chewy, with a sweet flavour perfect for a miso soup, curry or stewed dish of your choice.


Through our network of trusted seafood suppliers, we offer these premium octopus tentacles.

This means it has been sustainably harvested using stringent fishing limits, and that it comes from a nearby fish supplier who uses the proper equipment and techniques.