Whole Scampi 8/12 1kg – Langoustines



Large wild whole raw Scampi, or Dublin Bay Prawns or Langoustines as they are also known.

Many chefs believe that raw Scampi have a better flavour than Prawns. These are a succulent white shellfish and are closely related to the Lobster.

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Scampi, also known as Dublin Bay Prawns or Langoustines, is seafood harvested from Irish waters. They are a delicacy and are normally served as an appetizer for a banquet. These Scampi have a sweet, rich meaty flavour which makes them attractive to chefs and consumers alike.

Whole Scampi 8 to 12 in a kilo bag are favoured by chefs serving a banquet, these large white shellfish are supplied frozen so they can be prepared any time at the restaurant. Scampi meat has fewer calories than normal shellfish and taste fantastic in stir-fries, in salads or simply cooked with garlic, pepper and olive oil. This kilo sack of Scampi is large enough for 4 people to enjoy a fabulous seafood dinner.


Langoustines or Dublin Bay Prawns make a very special treat as they are sweet, succulent and highly flavoured.

They are closer in taste to lobster than prawns and are best enjoyed raw. They are often served in Chinese dishes with sweet chilli dipping sauce.


We have established a sustainable operation that adheres to strict management systems and seasonal harvesting.

These policies enable us to continue our family’s tradition of uncompromising quality while ensuring a bright future for the country’s coastlines and its people.

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