Clams in whole Shell 1kg


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Whole clams – these are farmed from Vietnam.

They are part cooked, so they just need to be warmed through.

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If you’re looking for a new and delicious way to spice up your dinner, consider the whole shell clam. They are pre-cooked in our kitchens before being vacuum-sealed so that they can be enjoyed later without any fuss!

The clams we offer come from Vietnam, so all you need to do is heat them.

Add them to pasta dishes with sauce or hearty soup alongside potatoes and smoked fish. They’re also perfect for making paella and the Clams in Tomato Sauce recipe.

What Do Clams Taste Like?

Clams have a unique taste and texture.

They are eaten in an array of manners, and they have a good, salty taste. They can be cooked raw or any way you like; even so, the saltiness is not overpowering, making it very easy to enjoy their fishy flavour without feeling grossed out by the seafood.

They’re perfect when creating dishes like clam chowder or fried clams!

Responsibly-Sourced Clams

One of the more popular meat sources in coastal countries, clams are farmed by a process similar to aquaculture.

The farmer places them into shallow water, rich with nutrients and feeds them while they grow.

As their debris falls towards the bottom, it becomes food for younger clams- recycling at its best!