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Must be cooked before consumption, great for adding into pasta or salads or serving as an appetiser. There are multiple ways of cooking our seafood cocktail. You can add them to a frying pan, or marinade, or even pickle them.

Try serving with lemon or mayonnaise.

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The Seafood Mix is a tasty mixture of seafood that is perfect for a refreshing meal. This mixture has mussel meat, Prawns, and Clam meat that are all sure to bring you delight. Squid rings are also included in the mix, which will pack this dish with a bit of saltiness. A seafood mix that is a true delight for seafood lovers everywhere!

This mixture of mussel, squid ring, peeled prawn, and clam meat will work perfectly as a stuffing for your favourite seafood dish or as an appetizer served on its own.

It tastes great when mixed with butter, lemon juice and finely chopped parsley, serving as the perfect example of an easy yet delicious dish that everyone can’t get enough of.

What Does Seafood Mix Taste Like?

Our Seafood Mix 1kg is the perfect seafood mix for a variety of dishes. It is perfectly seasoned for a rich and delicious flavour, perfect for making a seafood soup. Seafood enhances any dish it is added to, giving it a unique and healthy blend of flavour. Whether it’s on top of traditional pasta or in a rice bowl, it will always enhance your entrée.

Responsibly-Sourced Seafood

Finely crafted seafood products, traceable and 100% are traceable to sustainable sources. The seafood mixes are packaged by weight and include notes about each seafood product, including species name, country of origin and method of harvest.


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