Arctic Char 200-300g Fillets


Arctic char is a tiny, silvery fish that has its sides speckled with a greenish colour. This fish has a delicately mild flavour and a low-fat content.

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As a result, it’s an ideal option for people worried about their health or that need to adhere to strict dietary restrictions. Arctic char can be prepared and served as fillets or as a whole, and it’s a great addition to other dishes. It goes well with vegetables and comes with a tasty sauce or butter sauce on the side. This variant of the fish is gutted and scaled and has its head.  Our Arctic char has no additives, and it has been flash-frozen since gutting to ensure the highest quality. The fish is frozen at a temperature of -20 degrees Celsius and then thawed at -5 degrees Celsius. After thawing, the fish can stay fresh for up to three months.

What Does Sea Bass Taste Like?

The arctic char’s flesh has an exquisite taste. The fish has a moderate flavour, making it appropriate for use in frying. Other recipes that use the meat of the fish include barbecued steaks and grilled Arctic char fillets.

Responsibly-Sourced Sea Bass

Our fish are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner. The fish come from the waters in which they exist naturally. Our Arctic char is a wild-caught fish from Iceland’s cold Atlantic waters. It’s been flash-frozen and hasn’t been treated with any chemicals, but it’s of the highest quality. Our fish also complies with the EU’s strict sustainable fishing regulations.

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