Seabass Whole 400-500g


Greece, Turkey

Our Sea Bass are farmed and come from Greece and Turkey. They are gutted and scaled then individually vacuum packed to lock in their freshness and natural flavour.

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Sea Bass is a delicious fish that is increasingly on the menu in restaurants and homes. They are 500-600g in size. These long and lean fish are a perfect serving for a main meal. We eat more than in some other European countries in Britain because Sea Bass is a versatile fish to cook with. We select only the highest quality fish from the Mediterranean. They are excellent to cook, either whole or filleted and fried in a little butter with fresh herbs. They can also be poached on the bone in a light court bouillon with vegetables.

What Does Sea Bass Taste Like?

The whole Seabass is a favourite amongst our customers. From fishmongers to restaurants and pubs, the whole fish provides optimum freshness. Its delicate flavour is by far one of the best enjoyed with a light touch. Because it’s “whole”, we recommend cooking it as soon as possible or keep it in your fridge as is until you’re ready to cook up something special. Try it with bacon or coriander for a stronger, punchier flavour and enjoy with puréed potatoes or rice noodles in a spicy or sweet sauce.

Responsibly-Sourced Sea Bass

Here at Frozen Fish Direct, we pride ourselves on providing the freshest fish from sustainable fisheries. We only work with fishermen, processors, and distributors committed to responsible fishing practices that ensure the long-term health of our oceans.

Frozen Sea Bass Recipe


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What is sea bass good for?

Sea bass is a valuable source of both iron and calcium, with just one portion providing you with a quarter of the daily recommended amount we need in our diet